Self-Care Myths and How to Beat Them- Part Three

This is it, y'all! We have made it to part three- the final part in this three part series about Self-Care myths and how to beat them. If you missed the first two you can find them here and here

Before we get to the third part of this series. I have two things to say. First is THANK YOU for the support I have received about my blog so far. Second is that I am PROUD of you for realizing that your mental health and practicing self-care is so important. Today's post is all about the third myth that many people have about self-care: that somehow self-care is selfISH. 

The first two myths were all about establishing self-care routines when you have a tight budget or a tight schedule. I provided three options to combat each myth, but for this post, I'm taking a slightly different approach. I'm not going to tell you HOW to beat this myth, but WHY you should. 

I know we have all heard this quote before. But have you really listened to it? 

Imagine with me if you will... you are given a plastic cup with many holes poked in the bottom. You are to use this cup to transfer water from one bowl on one side of a room to another bowl on the other side of the room. Your goal is to fill the second bowl with water. 

So you are filling your holey cup and frantically maneuvering back and forth from bowl to bowl- water spilling and dripping everywhere. The little water you are managing to carry to the second bowl is minimal, and you grow increasingly frustrated, trying to go faster and faster, trying to beat the water dripping from the holes. 

Are you able to fill the bowl? Or is there more water on the floor?

Now imagine you are given something that blocks those holes. You place a bit of something in each hole. It still leaks a little, but not as much. You are able to carry significantly more water to the bowl, filling it much more quickly and with much less mess.

In this exercise, the holes in the cup are everything that drains you- these are not necessarily bad things, just things that require you to put yourself on a back burner while you tend to them- responsibilities, volunteer opportunities, family obligations, your job, even going to a party... not bad things, just.... things. 

What blocks the holes are the things that you do for yourself: reading for pleasure, getting a pedicure, going window shopping, laughing with your family or friends, watching a movie, drinking a hot cup of coffee. They are the things you do just for you. These are the things that allow you to carry on, accomplish your goals, fulfill your obligations, and meet your responsibilities. You would never expect a hole-filled cup to hold water; how can you expect yourself to serve your purpose without being filled, yourself?

Self-care is not selfish. It is the thing by which we can ensure we are able to meet our fullest potential. 

So no, you cannot pour from an empty cup. You cannot pour from a hole-riddled cup. But you can fill the holes and fill yourself and see exactly how much you can do and accomplish. You are your biggest investment in your future. So take care of yourself! You deserve it.

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